• How often and how long should the lessons be? We recommend weekly lessons of 30 minutes or more but and exception can be made for adults with busy schedules. Your teacher will help you decide upon the best schedule for your needs.
  • What age is appropriate for lessons? Piano lessons can begin as young as five years old (Kindergarten recommended). Guitar and voice can begin as young as 7 or 8, depending on the student.  We will have a teacher call you to discuss, if you're unsure. Adults of any age can start or continue lessons!
  • Do you offer any discounts?  Our base price for a 30-minute lesson (at a teacher studio) is $29. Discounts are given for longer lessons, siblings and additional lesson times and for quarterly (rather than monthly) payment plan. See our registration form for details (above).
  • Can I take lessons if I don't have an instrument yet? We don't recommend this but you can have one lesson before you purchase your instrument. All students should have their own instrument to practice on between lessons, for best results.

If you have other questions that aren't answered here, please do call or email us so we can help!

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